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Are you a 2CheckOut Vendor? Do you use 2CheckOut for your daily transaction?

Being a 2CheckOut vendor as well as an internet marketer myself, I understand the hassle of using 2CheckOut especially when it comes to the part of issuing payment invoice to my client or JV partner.

Real Life Scenario Problem # 1

You are in the service business and you could be working as:

- graphic designer
- consultant
- programmer
- web support services

Just to name a few ...

The type of charges that you charged to your client varies accordingy to the type of services that you rendered. As such, there are no fix charges. In order to collect your payment, you need to issue payment invoices to your client as and when your client requires.

What that means for you is that you have to login to 2CheckOut multiple times a day just to issue invoices for your client. Plus, you have to fill in the same type of information again in 2CheckOut text boxes before the invoice could be sent. Isn\\\t it such a hassle to do so? Shouldn\\\t you be using your time in a more productive manner?

Real Life Scenario Problem # 2

As an affiliate, the only way that you can receive commission from your JV partner is to issue them a payment invoice from 2CheckOut. This is especially so when either you or your JV partner do not have a paypal account.

This is what goes in the present system..

1) Your JV partner email you the commission amount and ask you to issue an invoice

2) You consolidate all the information needed (commission amount, JV partner\\\s email address, etc)

3) You login to 2Checkout and issue the payment invoice for that JV partner.

4) JV partner pays you the commission amount.

Seem very simple and straightforward?

You are wrong.

Fact #1:How many times do you have to repeat this entire process if you have 100 JV partner?
Also, you need to repeat this entire process on a monthly basis.

Fact #2: You have to be prepared for some delay in your commission as your JV partner may not pay you immediately after receiving your payment invoice. This delay could span a few days to a few weeks.

Fact #3: You have to spend unproductive time to do these steps just to get your commission.

Fact #4: You have to repeat this entire process if your JV partner misplaced your payment invoice.

Fact #5: JV partner do their commission payout at different time and day of the month making it impossible to send your payment invoice to all your JV partner at one time.

Based on the facts above, collecting your commission paychecks every time is such a pain in the neck.

Of course, there are other types of scenario but these 2 scenario are the most commonly encountered.

Now imagine, what if you can just send an email to your JV partner or your client with your one-stop payment url? Ask your JV partner or client to bookmark the payment url and they can pay you ANY AMOUNT at ANY TIME without asking you to issue any invoice from 2CheckOut at all.

It is a totally hands free solution and there will no longer be any delay to the commission / charges paid to you from your JV partner / client.

Isn\\\t this a cool solution for thousands and thousands of 2CheckOut users from all over the world?

Yes, the solution is right below ...

Payment EzyCash

Payment EzyCash
\\\The Hassle-Free way of putting Cash in your Pocket\\\

- can be easily integrated into any website.

- is the most hassle-free and cost-effective way of doing it

- avoid manual hassle of receiving your commission / charges

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