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Easily Build Unlimited Auto-Updating Niche Video Clip Websites Using YouTube Videos
Video sites are hot and their popularity is sure to explode in 2009. People love looking at video clips, and the search engines love video clip websites.

Now you can cash in on the video craze by automatically compiling topic (niche) related video websites that people will love!

Make sure you get in on the VIDEO CRAZE in 2009!

Dear Entrepreneur,

Now you can build an unlimited number of money making, auto-updating hot niche video sites.

One of the easiest ways to create online success is to catch the leading edge of hot trends. Online Video websites are THE hottest growing trend, and will only get more popular.

Video websites are the most visited websites on the planet, because people love viewing video clips.

Think about it, if you're like most people, the last time you visited a video site (like YouTube) you probably spent several minutes, to hours looking at videos - watching short video clips is fun and addicting!

Now you can create an unlimited number of fun and addictive video websites, that people love to visit...with the click of a button! You can easily create video websites, related to unlimited niche topics!

"Using This New Software, Anyone, Anywhere, Including You - Can Easily Add Video To Your Websites Or Even Create Your Own Video Websites In No Time Flat!"

No technical "know how" is required. You don't need to know anything about YouTube APIs, PHP, MySQL, .htaccess or any other scary technical stuff.

You don't need to be concerned with video site related issues like video storage or video bandwidth. YouTube hosts the videos that will be displayed on your site.

You create the positive experience for your visitors, YouTube provides the videos, and VideoClipWebsites ties is all together.

Don't make the mistake of tying to build an all inclusive YouTube clone video site - you will never be able to realistically compete with huge corporate backed entities like YouTube!

But, you can profit from segments of the huge video market, by creating niche sites, using YouTube videos - cool!!

The huge video website market is now open to the "little guy".

Now you can profit from the online video site craze, with ease, and with very little expense!

Introducing the VideoClipWebsites Builder Script!!!

Again, you really don't want to compete with the big video hosting sites. What you really need to do is focus on is building several topic related (niche) video sites.

Let's imagine you are like me, and love fishing - maybe you even already have a fishing related website.

Imagine FTP'ing a few files to your web host, running a program in your browser, answering a few questions, and clicking a button to create a multiple page, fishing video clip website - it's really that easy.

The best part is, you don't ever have to update the site. Whenever new fishing related videos are posted on YouTube, your site will update with the latest videos automatically, and the search engines love sites that are updated often.

Since the videos on your niche video pages are actually stored and run from YouTube, you get the benefit of displaying the videos, but you don't have to pay for the video disk space or bandwidth.

Each website and each web page is search engine optimized, based on the video clips being viewed. Each webpage contains Google Adsense code strategically placed for maximum click throughs.

However, you are not limited to Adsense advertising. You can modify the Advertising Blocks to advertise anything you want. Maybe a few affiliate products related to your topic, perhaps a banner to your main site, or you could even charge a monthly fee to others who want that ad block space.

Each page contains Web 2.0 Social Bookmarking code to allow your visitors to easily bookmark and share your webpages with others.

Each page contains a link, you specify, in the footer of the page, and you can change it at any time. This will create traffic to the link you specify, plus incoming links - search engine food!

Imagine easily adding video to any websites you currently own - your visitors will love it and the search engines will love it.

Adding niche related video clips will increase the value of your web real estate and generate more repeat visits.

Imagine creating unlimited new sites, or adding video pages to your current sites, with each site taking one to two minutes to create.

Let's say you it takes you 5 minutes total to create a new video website, or set of new video pages. It should take less than 5 minutes, but we'll use 5 minutes in this example.

In just one hour per day you could create 12 sites per day. So, if you spent one hour per day building video sites, for 20 days in your first month, that would be 240 video sites after your first month.

Now let's assume each site averages only 30 cents per day, that would be $72 per day, or $2160 per month.

The next month you could build more sites, or work on getting more traffic to your current video sites.

Imagine your income growing as your virtual web real estate continues to grow. You could have unlimited money making web pages, on several topic specific websites, that visitors and search engines will love.
Video will continue to be huge in 2009 and beyond. Are you going to take advantage of this trend, or get left behind?

Get the VideoClipWebsites Builder Today and start creating a virtual empire of video clip websites.

I'll even show you how to make the most out of your video sites, how get your site listed in Google in about 24 hours, and how to use Web 2.0 techniques to build traffic to your sites.

The script is very easy to install, and takes no work to maintain. Just install it and let it go!

No MysSQL database required

Auto update content from Youtube website

Use Youtube new GData API, no need to get Youtube developer key

Include User profile section, uploaded videos, favorite videos, and user playlist

Search for Videos by name, tags or author

Search engine friendly URLs

Create multiple pages based on additional keywords

Fast and low resource, using CURL (optional)) and cache files

Built in automatic bad word filter

Powerful templates based on the Smarty Template engine

Easy to use configuration screen

User Configurable
Main Video Keyword
Order of Videos (Relevance, Rating, Updated time, or Number of times viewed)
Number of Videos per page
Adsense ID
Link in each page's footer
Link text, for link in each page's footer
VideoClipWebsites affiliate link
Additional video site keywords (Creates additional video pages, and menu links to additional video pages)
You will also be able to earn money by referring people to the VideoClipWebsites affiliate program - every page you create will have your affiliate link encoded in your pages.

Some Examples:
YOUR DEMO (In a Subfolder)
YOUR DEMO (On a Subdomain)

"Okay - So What's The Cost For This Incredible Video Website Builder?"

I was going to sell this package for $77 since I am allowing you to build an unlimited number of video websites on unlimited domains, and that would be a really fair price.

But since I want to get this incredible YouTube website builder into as many hands as possible, I'm going to start this package at a launch price of

only $27

This is a true bargain, and I won't keep it that low for long. I will be raising the price to at least $57 in the next few weeks - and I don't know how long I will keep it that low!

You can download the script and start building video sites within 90 seconds!

But Wait! Just TO Make This a Real "No Brainer" For You...
I'm adding 5 6 15 Hot Bonuses:

Yes, If you order today
you also get these awesome bonuses worth a real world value of at least $750

This is where your bonuses go!
Learn how to get your video site listed in Google in 24 hours!

Learn how others have made the most out of their video sites.

Learn how to get traffic to your video site, or any other web site.

Learn the proper way to use Web 2.0 techniques to let others know about your video websites.

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